Here is a short rebus that I just created. Let's see if you can solve it. rebus


it is an old proverb

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    Don't take pills at the beach, y'all! – Rick van Osta Aug 21 at 9:32
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Is it

One swallow doesn't make a summer

  • Correct answer 😀 – filip Aug 21 at 12:50

A very rude answer:

If the lady takes the pill, there will be no kids to take to the beach.

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    Nope. Too literal. – filip Aug 21 at 11:12

This might be a stretch but

You shouldn't eat before you swim? Because the picture shows the girl eating (pills) and then the beach picture is crossed out. Normally adults swim at the beach.

  • Wrong answer. But the right amount of abstract thinking :) – filip Aug 21 at 12:02
  • Hmm, if I want to give another answer then should I edit the current one or write another separate answer? Or do I get only one try? – R.D Aug 21 at 12:04
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    Well u can always edit your answer or even post a new one. This site does not limit u to only 1 answer try per question :) @R.D – Kevin L Aug 21 at 12:13
  • I see. I will give it another try. – R.D Aug 21 at 12:14

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