This is a double puzzle: first, you've got to figure out the kenning (2 words); then you've got to interpret what the kenning means (1 word noun). An example of a kenning is bookworm for voracious reader or rug rat for infant who can't walk yet. For more info, look at this answer of mine. Clue: the final answer is a beach/sea creature.

enter image description here

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is it

clam/shell cracker -> otter? I think otters are known for cracking shellfish open?

  • Ohhh, you're right: I've watched them do it many times. I forgot. My bad. I was thinking of a different animal, but your answer is a tie. – Wordster Aug 20 at 0:41
  • @Wordster what were you thinking of? A marine bird? – 1848 Aug 20 at 0:42
  • Yup! See below. – Wordster Aug 20 at 0:44

The answer I was thinking of is


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