Five people are discussing their hobbies:

"I like baseball", says a man.
"I prefer hiking", answers a woman.
"I love persian culture", tells a second man.
"It's weird, but I like to slice things up", says another woman.
"As for me, I really enjoy eating in the evening", tells the last man.

After a brief pause, one of them finally says:

"Well, I guess I'm not welcome here, so I'll see myself out."

Who is it, and why?

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    "I like to cut things" - "Ok" - "I like baseball" - "What? You monster" – jafe Aug 16 at 10:38
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    This person was probably Keelhaul. And soon after that he posted this riddle just to complain about weirdos he has to deal with. – Thomas Blue Aug 16 at 14:01
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    that clickbait title.. have a +1 – Félix Gagnon-Grenier Aug 16 at 16:55
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I'm going to guess it's the

Persian culture guy,

based on the observation that

the people could very well be misunderstood or mispronounced super heroes.

Particularly, they could be

Batman (baseball bat), Wonder Woman (wander woman), Iron Man (Iran Man), Catwoman (cutwoman) and Superman (supperman).

So, the odd one out would then be

Iron Man, because the others are DC characters, and he's the only Marvel hero.

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    I like this answer, +1!! – El-Guest Aug 16 at 15:22
  • Finally, we have a winner! – Keelhaul Aug 16 at 15:22
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    Then couldn't it be rot13(Pngjbzna) since that is the only one often considered a rot13(ivyynva)? – Keeta Aug 16 at 20:45
  • Keeta has a good point. I think both are valid interpretations. – jafe Aug 17 at 9:04
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    @Keeta and jafe, Yeah, probably, although I'd say she has more of an anti-heroine (opposed to drugs?) kind of vibe going on there. I'm sure Keelhaul would have accepted either answer though, because the actual point of the puzzle is in another place entirely. – Bass Aug 17 at 9:09

This is probably a stretch but it somehow fits.

Woman who likes to slice things up?


She 'saw' herself out.

  • Nope, try again :p – Keelhaul Aug 16 at 14:50
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    +1 for the sweet pun – El-Guest Aug 16 at 15:04
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    @El-Guest Had to do it :P – Kevorobin Aug 16 at 19:06

(Not meant to hurt any social, religious and/or political sentiment)

Is it an

Israeli Jew?

"I like baseball", says a man.

On this website, Iraq is ranked 6th in regional popularity of baseball around the world.

"I prefer hiking", answers a woman.

In order to hike, you need a navigable route i.e. mountain pass. The Zagros mountain ranges of Iraq have these in plenty.

"I love persian culture", tells a second man.

The large number of Shia Muslim population means a shared culture with Iran (i.e. Persia).

"It's weird, but I like to slice things up", says another woman.

Due to the large Muslim population, this may refer to slicing of meat and beef as per Halal conventions.

"As for me, I really enjoy eating in the evening", tells the last man.

This probably refers to iftar during the Ramadan fast.

"Well, I guess I'm not welcome here, so I'll see myself out."


From the above, it is clear that the above group is that of Shia Muslims living in Iraq. Now, where might these people be living in? A place in Iraq where there is local diversity. What better palce than Baghdad may fit this criteria. The Israeli Jew may feel that the group is unsafe and leave it on account of March 1950 Denaturalisation Act and 1950–1951 Baghdad bombings, wherein hundred thousand of Iraqi Jews were targets of a series of bombings in Baghdad.

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    This is a really interesting answer, I had never considered this angle! – El-Guest Aug 16 at 14:11
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    That's absolutely not the answer :p. This is a riddle, with a clear answer once you got it, not a geopolitical parabola ;) – Keelhaul Aug 16 at 14:12
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    @Keelhaul Do you mean parable? – Acccumulation Aug 17 at 18:37
  • This answer seems to have missed the detail that it was one of the original 5 speakers who left ("one of them"). – jpmc26 Aug 17 at 23:11
  • @Acccumulation Maybe :) – Keelhaul Aug 18 at 11:07


It is

The second man, who tells of loving Persian culture.


Because he is the only person out of the five people who does not relate to a card suit.



"I like baseball," says a man.

  1. The first man loves baseball. In baseball, the field is in the shape of a diamond $\to$ diamond cardsuit $\diamondsuit$. He is a man because the infix "mon" in the word, diamond, sounds like man.

"I prefer hiking," answers a woman.

  1. The first woman prefers hiking. In the very word, there is a mention of king $\to$ the king in a deck of cards. She is a woman for she is queen to the king (because she loves $\heartsuit$ hiking, a reference to the hearts card suit).

"I love Persian culture," tells a second man.

  1. The second man loves Persian culture $\to$ no cards related. (Odd one out.)

"It's weird, but I like to slice things up," says another woman.

  1. The other woman likes to slice things up. You can use a spade to dig and/or slice things with its sharp edge $\to$ a spade cardsuit $\spadesuit$. (There are also many slicing card magic tricks.) She is a woman because when upside-down, the spade looks like a heart $\require{HTML} \style{display: inline-block; transform: rotate(180deg)}{\spadesuit}$, another card suit $\heartsuit$. Or, she being a woman might (additionally) be referencing Kate Spade who was a fashion designer (and recently passed away by suicide, how tragic).

"As for me, I really enjoy eating in the evening," tells the last man.

  1. The last man enjoys eating in the evening. This hobby has nearly all words starting with e (enjoys eating in the evening), which is the suffix of the word tree (and sounds like the word too, as well as the word, really, and me in "as for me") $\to$ the clubs cardsuit that looks like a tree $\clubsuit$. He is a man because the sport golf is mostly played by men, a reference to golf clubs (and he might be using a dining gift card!).

After a brief pause, one of them finally says:
"Well, I guess I'm not welcome here, so I'll see myself out."

i.e. the second man.

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    That's... quite far-fetched, but I like the idea! This riddle have already been answered though, but have a +1 – Keelhaul Aug 17 at 8:17
  • This is definitely no more far-fetched than the actual answer... Well done, @user477343! – elarr Aug 20 at 11:46

Person who likes Baseball cannot play alone.The one who prefers hiking can go to hiking alone. The one who loves Persian culture can read about them alone.The one who loves to slice things up can slice some vegetables or fruits and cook something for the person who loves to eat. So there's no one to play with the baseball guy.

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    welcome to puzzling SE , please add spoiler tags before posting your answers, for more help visit the help center. Happy Puzzling. – Shahriar Mahmud Sajid Aug 16 at 10:20
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    That is not the answer, sorry. – Keelhaul Aug 16 at 10:22

This may be far too simple, but is it

The second man (the fan of Persian culture)?

The reason being that...

Everyone enjoys an action (including baseball, which despite being a noun involves sport/action), whereas the second man is simply a fan of a given culture.

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    If you try to find the odd one out based directly on their hobbies, you'll always find something different. There is a much more solid fit once you got it ;) – Keelhaul Aug 16 at 14:53
  • This was my take, too. But this sadly gives no reason why they would not feel welcome. – Umbozz Aug 18 at 16:49

Granted this is a long shot, but is it:

The woman who likes to slice things up?

Reason being:

You say she's "another woman", which is a colloquial term for "mistress". When she says that she likes to "slice things up", the other people could understand the "thing" to be a marriage or other relationship, and this comment could be seen as being in very poor taste.

Is it:

The man who likes eating at evening.


He interjects himself into a conversation with the two couples and wasn't originally a part of the conversation in the first place.

  • Sorry but... no. – Keelhaul Aug 16 at 14:51

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