An analogy can compare a comparison.

What is the answer to the following question?

Alarm is to Bread as Course is to Dot - Explain

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The bolded letters turn out to be abcde.


Alarm is to Bread.

Anagram of alarmbread: BLAME RADAR. The alarm compares to the radar beeping (alarms can beep as well) as it picks up a signal (namely the bread). Bread, however, is not something to be detected by a radar.

Course is to Dot.

Anagram of coursedot: OUTSCORED. The course is the trajectory of the dot (namely the ball) in some field and ball game (cricket, baseball, etc).

Word property:

OFF. When you get outscored, you have "defeated (an opponent) by focusing on the offense". And now, the bread is off the radar.


Taking the capital letters of the words make ABCDE, to which the next letter is F.

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