Scene One: Charlie meets Benny

ADAM: Charlie, I'd like you to meet my friend Benny.
BENNY: Hi! Nice to meet you!
CHARLIE: Nice to meet you Benny! So, where are you from?
BENNY: I'm from [my country].
CHARLIE: Hehe, I have no idea where that is. Is it near [other country]?
BENNY: Yeah, that's right! It's right next to [other country]. I live in [my city].
CHARLIE: Is that, like, a big city?
BENNY: I think it's slightly bigger than your home city, population-wise at least.
CHARLIE: You know I'm from LA, right? We've got like 17 million people.
BENNY: Yeah, that's right.
CHARLIE: (laughs) That's crazy. I think there are like two or three cities in the world that are bigger than LA. New York City, and maybe Tokyo, right?
BENNY: Whatever you say. (smiles)

Scene Two: Charlie meets Dave

CHARLIE: Nice to meet you, Dave. Where are you from?
DAVE: I'm from [my city], in [my country].
CHARLIE: Ah, you must know Benny? He's from [Benny's country] too.
DAVE: Hehe, I said [my city], not [Benny's country]. [Benny's country] is a separate country.
CHARLIE: Oh, right. I know Benny has a lot of friends from [your country]. With the same language and everything. I hear them talk all the time with each other, but I don't understand a word. (laughs)
DAVE: Actually, I don't understand those guys either, we speak English with each other. We speak a completely different language in [my city].
CHARLIE: Huh. But they're from [your country] too.
DAVE: Yeah. But [my country]'s pretty big.

Scene Three: Charlie meets Eddie

CHARLIE: Nice to meet you, Eddie! Where are you from?
EDDIE: Well, West Africa originally, but I've lived here for years. We moved here from [my city] with my parents when I was nine.
CHARLIE: [Your city]? I think Benny's from there as well. Do you know him?
EDDIE: (laughs) Sure, I know him. But he's from [Benny's country], right? [My city] is in a completely different part of the globe.
CHARLIE: I'm pretty sure I heard him say [your city].
EDDIE: That's weird. Why would he say that?
CHARLIE: No idea. Maybe I'm just confused. (shrugs)

Can you guess Benny, Dave and Eddie's home cities?


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Let me try:


Dhaka, Bangladesh
Big city, population: 8,063,000 vs LA: 3,976,322 Many people speak English here


Bangalor, India
Bangalor sounds a bit like Bangladesh
India is a huge country with many languages. Bengali is spoken only in a small part. So here too they speak a lot of English with each other.


Dakar, Senegal
Dakar sound a bit like Dhaka. And it is located in West Africa.
Dakar and Dhaka are 11.000km apart from each other.

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The question has already been answered, but I'd just like to suggest that maybe, by "LA", Charlie wasn't referring to

Los Angeles (as I have initially assumed),

but to

LAgos, Nigeria which has a population of around 17 million

...which would make Charlie just slightly less uneducated :-)


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