Seemingly the title went unnoticed, it has some important logic:

Eleven divided by two is two, and two plus four is seven. This is proven, it is as true as two equals three

So, what is:

  five to the power of (four plus nine minus one)
  times (fourteen minus eight)
) plus (
  seven to the power of one
  plus (sixteen plus five minus two)

I see that

The 11/2 is 2 because when you divide the number of letters you get 2 and it is the same with 2+4=7. This is when 2=3 with letters. T W O = 3.


With the other equation and the number of letters you get: (4^(4+4-3)*(8-5))+(5^3+(7+4-3)) = 3,205.

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Partial Answer:

The word 'eleven' has six letters, and the word 'two' has three letters. 6 divided by 3 is 2.


Two equals three, because the word 'two' has three letters in it.


The Three Key Clues:

$${\Large{11\div 2 = 2}}$$ $${\Large{2+4=7}}$$ $${\Large{2=3}}$$

I believe the rule is that



...you get the truthful answer and add $1$. $$11\div 2 = (1+1)\div 2 = 2\div 2 = 1\tag*{$(+1$ makes $2)$}$$ $$2+4=6\tag*{$(+1$ makes $7)$}$$ $$2=2\tag*{$(+1$ makes $3)$}$$

Therefore, we solve the entire equation $\downarrow$

$$\begin{align}\big(5^{4+9-1}\times (14-8)\big)+7^{1+16+(5\times 2)} &= (5^{12}\times 6)+7^{17+10} \\ &= \big(\left(5^3\right)^4\times 6\big) + 7^{27} \\ &= (125^4\times 6) + 7^{27}\end{align}$$

And then...

...we add $1$ to every single number, making $$(126^5\times 7)+8^{28}.$$


We add $1$ to every single number on the left hand side and then solve: $$\big(5^{4+9-1}\times (14-8)\big)+7^{1+16+(5\times 2)}\longrightarrow \big(6^{5+10-2}\times (15-7)\big)+8^{2+17+(6\times 3)}$$

which, skipping all the steps, is equal to

$$8\times \left(6^{13}+8^{36}\right) = {\small\text{the answer on the calculator}}.$$

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