How would you complete this pattern?

enter image description here

The answer is



There are 3 articles of the same type and colored clothing. Following a rule that there are 3 of each item, there would logically be 1 purple shirt, 1 pink hat and 1 blue pants remaining in the 3 by 3 grid

Answer could also be



It looks like a font made of clothes, if you read it, it says 'unpuzzle(d)'

  • Nice catch. Might as well be the intended answer. Or might be part of one of those puzzles that reveals a character trait depending on which pattern you noticed. – Ontamu Jul 23 at 13:42
  • But why is it a lowercase d? The L and E are uppercase. Was that flaw included to prevent it from being the clearly correct answer? Is it a hint that rationales exist that justify any of the six options as an answer? Am I overthinking this? – Steve B Jul 24 at 3:54
  • Perhaps the answer is $D$ because, well, it's $D$. – user477343 Jul 27 at 11:44

WarforgedMystic's answer is probably the intended one, but another answer can be justified.




the grid would then contain 2 pink hats, 3 orange hats, 4 green hats; 2 purple shirts, 3 brown shirts, 4 blue shirts; 2 blue pants, 3 red pants, and 4 yellow pants.

  • Actually, WarforgedMystic's answer is the easy one... Refer to the title :) – Pieter Rousseau Jul 23 at 3:04

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