After a couple of years I've decided to stop torturing myself and get help solving her taunts from my past. Image attached. I do not know the answer (if that wasn't obvious...)

Thanks in advance your help.

I’m Sorry

$\qquad$ Let's do it again, the song im listening to right now. I'll never forget the times we had, so special, so me and you really. Haha.

$\qquad$ Where do I even begin to explain all the crazy times we had. Best and most memorable times in my life forsure. I don’t doubt about that.

$\qquad$ My first love, I was actually being serious about getting married.

$\qquad$ My best friend I actually trusted and felt close with.

$\qquad$ My boyfriend that didn’t work out as planned, lol...we tried.

$\qquad$ The first time I saw you I knew you’d be in my life forever.

$\qquad$ So I don’t want anything to end.

$\qquad$ No MATTER how hard the circumstances are, I'm not letting you go. OR out of my life.

$\qquad$ I am so sorry to hear about your mom, I really want to be there for you and your mom!

$\qquad$ If theres a way I can visit her or ANYTHING please let me no. And please get well from me to her. Im praying for her.

$\qquad$ I really wish things worked out for the better. Im miserable too. My dad is really stressed out about my drinking, so I hsng out with Jutin a lot cuz he doesn't care. He lets me do what I want really... and then I have my mom whos always mad and yelling at me.

$\qquad$ Anyway I really love you a lot and give me a chance...

$\qquad$ You know I love you, and your mother.

$\qquad$ Please let me be your friend

$\qquad$ Love Kristen

$\qquad$ (P.S. I really miss you)

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