There are three people (Ajay, Bhuvi and Chandu), one of them is a Gun, one a missile, and one a robot. The Gun always tells the truth, the missile always lies, and the robot can either lie or tell the truth.

Statements :

Ajay : Chandu is a missile.

Bhuvi : Ajay is a Gun.

Chandu : I am the robot.

Find out the Gun, the missile and the robot?


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I believe the:

Ajay is Gun
Bhuvi is Robot and
Chandu is missile


If we take 2nd statement as true then 1st will be true as well as Gun always says truth

2nd case(false case)

If we take 2nd statement as false that means both Ajay and Bhuvi can be either missile or robot that makes Chandu Gun which is false(3rd stmt is false)


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