Today I was going around the mall(in various stores) and I was recording what random customers had in their cart. After my research I also had two questions. Here are some of the items the customers had in their cart.

Cart 1
Tissues, benadryl, and a neti pot.

Cart 2
Latex gloves, wide popsicle sticks, and hand sanitizer

Cart 3
A tiny mask, milk, a small desk fan, and a turkey.

Cart 4
A stress ball, a book titled “How to Speak in Public”, and another called “How to be extraverted”.

Cart 5
A “for Dummies” book, and a deck of cards(but I noticed the package was broken and they were spilling all over the ground)

Cart 6
An “I don’t care” mug, an Edgar Allen poe compilation book, and a shirt that says “don’t talk to me”.

1.Who are these people

2.What could be in cart #7?


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Your shoppers happen to be:

The Seven Dwarfs

Cart 1:

Sneezy — items which help prevent or deal with sneezing or its causes

Cart 2:

Doc — items attributed to medical doctors

Cart 3:

Sleepy — items which induce sleep

Cart 4:

Bashful — items to counteract shyness in public

Cart 5:

Dopey — The items reflect his dull intellect or ineptitude. (From @Chowzen: Dopey is “not playing with a full deck”)

Cart 6:

Grumpy — items which reflect his abrasive personality

That leaves:


whose cart may contain items such as:

Chocolates, games, flowers, and perhaps a puppy!


A short day: refers to a dwarf’s infamously short stature

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    $\begingroup$ That is the correct answer! I like your description of each, especially happy's :D $\endgroup$
    – Goose
    Jun 28, 2018 at 3:00

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