First Grandpa goes to Biloxi in China

Then he goes to Del Norte in Spain

Then he goes to Manchester in France

Then he goes to Sydney in ________?

Fill in the blank and tell me why.

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He goes to Sydney in


Like Bass said :

It could be Finland, Sweden or Norway so I might be wrong


the names of the places contain the cardinal direction in the language of the country. So Biloxi contains West in Chinese. Del Norte contains North in Spanish. Manchester contains East in French. And Sydney contains South in Danish.

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    By that logic alone, Sydney could also be in Sweden or Norway. (Or conceivably even in Finland.) Can't figure out a way to narrow it down any more than that, though. – Bass Jun 25 at 13:25
  • I didn't know it was the same in Swedish,Finnish and Norwegian :/. I just used google translate language detector on syd. – guillau4 Jun 25 at 13:31
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    In Finnish, it isn't; Swedish is an official language of Finland though. Come to think of it now, I'm pretty much convinced that this very puzzle is the sole purpose why wiktionary lists the words in such a bizarrely unreadable way, with all the languages on the same page :-) – Bass Jun 25 at 13:36
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    Based on these, then certainly language tag is applicable. – Mea Culpa Nay Jun 25 at 16:32

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