4 people were imprisoned in different cages without any food or water. It is possible to get out of the top, but:

  • Above the first cage there is a big flame.
  • Above the second cage there is a huge and heavy stone.
  • Above the third there is permanently boiling water.
  • The cage number 4 is locked over top and bottom.

Moreover, all these locked cages hang over a deep ocean. Nearby there is a boat that you can reach by swimming. Those in the first 3 cages can escape through the bottom but they can't swim, while the fourth person can. By the way, the person in cage 3 can open the fourth cage because the key is in his cage.

You need to find a solution to save the lives of four prisoners.

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The person in cage 3 can open cage No. 4. The 4th person will escape through bottom and as he is able to swim to the boat he will be saved. Now he can bring the boat below the cages 1, 2, 3 and the rest of prisoners who are non-swimmers can directly get in boat without swimming through the bottom door and hence all four will be saved.

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