Clue 1

viB .G yo_

Clue 2

What do we have in common:
Sandwich, Island, Liberty

Clue 3

" _ L _ _ S "


Partial answer:

Clue #1: viB .G yo_

This is "Roy G. Biv" backwards, so R.

Clue #2: What do we have in common: Sandwich, Island, Liberty

Sandwich, Island, Liberty, the letter I is the only one these words share in common.

Based on these first two clues, I wonder if clue #3 indicates some specific location in

Rhode Island (state with code RI)

Stuck on clue #3, am wondering if

The double quotes are significant in some way, or if the concepts like rainbow and the words from clue #2 are supposed to point us in the right direction.

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  • $\begingroup$ Sorry, the double quotes have no bearing $\endgroup$ – saln May 30 '18 at 20:31

Partial Answer This might be:


Clue 2:

It's like a Sandwich Island between New York and New Jersey and called New York Harbor. This was made part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

Clue 3:



Still to find Clue 1.

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  • $\begingroup$ Good try, but didnt factor in clue 1 as you said. $\endgroup$ – saln May 30 '18 at 7:10

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