The person who sent this to me, says that there are some files in it, but I'm not getting anywhere. I looked at the hex with HxD trying to find something, there is information about the program the image was created (Photoshop), some ID's and stuff, I tried to compare with the file signatures, but I couldn't find anything really relevant. I tried lsb and I also put the image into different tools without success. (binwalk bulk_extractor foremost recoverjpg ewfacquire) Maybe I did something wrong with these, because I'm not very experienced, but that's what I have tried. Any help is appreciated.

stego image

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    $\begingroup$ Steganography mostly(?) uses PNG files and this one here seems to be JPG file. Either you have a wrong file, or site converts it to jpg. I am not sure but it does not help us to help you :) by the way there are many online decrypt sites. did you tried them? $\endgroup$ – Yılmaz Durmaz May 18 '18 at 11:52

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