In many ways, I am special.

But I am boring next to the Cross.

Knock the Cross down, and there's nothing -- not a single thing -- that I can't eviscerate.

Play with me, play with my friends, be true to us, and we will bring you things you never knew were possible.

But play nice!

If you abuse me, I will blow you, I will blow your mind, and I will blow your universe -- somewhere far, far away.


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$0 + $Anything is Anything
$0 \times$Anything is $0$
Numbers are cool.
Anything$\div 0$ is weird and $0$ and $\infty$ interact in fun ways.


I think the answer is


It fears cross.

Without cross, it can do anything.

With Ouija board, one can play and interact with them.

But if you abuse them, you'd wish you shouldn't have done that.

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