Taken together, the meaning of the images below lead to a message. What is it?

1. It's a mouth, with a tree inside? 2. Uhhhh...

Note: The author is not liable for headaches that arrive when trying to interpret this puzzle literally.

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Let's give it a try

I'm forced to eat broccoli (i feel you, they taste terrible)

First pic :

a tree in a mouth, broccoli resemble tiny trees

Second pic :

An eye (I); Air Force - Air = Force; This could be interpreteted as "I'm forced"

Not sure though


I originally posted cauliflowers, user Jasen suggested Broccoli

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    $\begingroup$ yes, cauliflower is the white vairety. equally bad flavour $\endgroup$
    – Jasen
    Apr 14, 2018 at 10:18
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The first 1 could be

Tree-eat which sounds like treat?


Stepping on the shoulders of QuantumTwinkie and Midori: The first part could be:

tree + eat > treat > tread

the second part:

sight(airforce-air) > sight force - sounds like side force (also called cornering force see this Wiki - My eyes caught the word lateral in this article which is coincidentally in the lateral-thinking tag you added - but probably just a coincidence)


both parts are connected with tyres and the design of the tread pattern is essential for influencing the side force of a tyre. Therefore the message might be something like "Make sure you to control the tread pattern on your tyres in order not to slip with your car" :D


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