I think I went a little overboard, but I made this substitution cipher:


Hint #1:

If u = b, U may NOT = B

Hint #2:

The (space ) character is L.

Hint #3:

Some letters may be substitutions for symbols, e.g. @ may equal M, the same goes for numbers.

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After a lot of substitution I get (after adding new lines):

I am not as fine as I seem
Pardon, me for yelling and telling you green gardens
Are not what's growing in my psyche, it's a different me
A difficult beast, feasting lumbered burnt down trees
Freeze frame, please let me paint a mental picture portrait
Something you won't forget, it's all about my forehead
And how it is a door that holds back contents
That makes Pandora's box contents look nonviolent
Behind my eyelids are islands of violence
My mind shipwrecked this is the only land my mind could find
I did not know it was such a violent island
Full of tidal waves, suicidal crazed lions
They're trying to eat me, blood running down their chin
And I know that I can fight, or I can let the lion win
I begin to assemble what weapons I can find
Cause sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind


Looks like the lyrics to Migraine by Twenty One Pilots.

Substitution table:

 !| l
 "| y
 '| k
 .| z
 1| v
 4| w
 :| M
 ;| m
 @| x
 D| '
 E| C
 J| F
 K| S
 L| space
 M| I
 O| A
 R| ,
 W| P
 X| T
 Y| B
 c| h
 d| e
 e| p
 f| r
 h| f
 j| s
 l| g
 n| i
 o| n
 p| a
 q| d
 r| c
 u| b
 v| u
 y| o
 z| t


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