Dr. Doom invited a group of puzzle freaks in a party which was directed for having puzzle oriented games. At night, he introduced the guests with a 'unique riddle'. A prize was offered for the one who solved it first.

The guests included six people named Tom Paul, Fox Obama, Jeremy Reener, Alex Murphy, Prim Pastor, and Ellen Page. The winner for the 'unique riddle' contest was to be announce after the dinner. The winner would get ‘Ultimate Riddler’ as their new title, the initials being ‘UR’. So Dr. Doom stood up and started the announcement:

'Okay now everybody!'

'The winner of…'

'The Hardest Riddle Ever Event'

But before he could complete, the light went out and his voice was not heard without the mic by anyone. But they already knew who the winner was. Can you analyze the name of the winner?

(Everyone did the riddle seperately so they didn’t cheat, so they didn’t know the winner before the announcement) This is adapted from another riddle on the other end of the internet.

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Going off of Riley's answer, the full answer is:

Fox Obama


The first letters of the previous statements spelled "ONE", "TWO", and "THREE", so he was about to say something with first letters "FOUR". "Fox Obama Ultimate Riddler" fits the bill.

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The answer is

Fox Obama

If you look at what he says

Okay now everybody! (taking first letters gives "one")


The winner of ("two")


'The Hardest Riddle Ever Event' ("three")

Therefore, the final thing should be

four. Since the winner is titled UR, this makes up the last two letters of "four" so the first two letters are "FO" pointing to Fox Obama

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The winner is

Jeremy Reener


The name "The Hardest Riddle Ever Event" has the acronym "THREE". Jeremy Reener was the third guest named in the list. This would explain why people only knew the winner after the announcement, because the announcement contains this clue.

I am somewhat hesitant about my answer because it seems there might be more than one clue hidden in your riddle:

I am suspicious that the other initials of the contestants, Dr. Doom, and/or "UR" might be relevant. On the other hand, these could just be red herrings so that the "THREE" acronym is less obvious.

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