It is the first day of school and the biology teacher has been killed.

The detective is called and interrogates four suspects.

He asks the first one, the P.E teacher. The P.E teacher tells the detective that he was playing basketball with one of his students.

The headmaster says that he was working in his office.

The math teacher said that he was holding a mid-year test.

The Gardner says he was gardening.

Who is the Killer???

Only use the hint if very stuck!!!

Look at the days and time!!!

Here is were this riddle came from - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0zrRIN_T5E Thank you to Bright Side!!!

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Is it

The Math teacher as he was holding a mid-year exam on the first day of school


The murderer is

The math teacher


It is the first day of school, and he claimed holding a mid-year test

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