An accidental discovery of mine, this groan-worthy riddle is answerable with a single character when posted in a Slack channel:

What governs the level of disease?

As this is my first riddle here I'm wary of making it too obscure, so here are a few hints:

Hint 1:

The wordplay here might make you seasick.

Hint 2:

Actually, only the person who posts the riddle can supply the one-character answer!

Hint 3:

If this is too all too backwards, let me know and I'll edit it.

Hint 4 (the clincher?) :

Since Deusovi is so close I'll add that the character you're looking for shows up on no keyboard. In fact it's invisible. The final result requires no creative reading, although is, as PuzzledPig notes, best read aloud.

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Is it the

Right-to-left mark?

Most of the credit goes to Deusovi for the explanation. Based on hint 2, the riddle will look like

What governs the level of disease? [RTL_MARK] ‮(edited)


after the original poster edits their comment with the rtl mark, the text (edited) will be reversed. Fortunately, this doesn't mess with the parentheses.


The answer is

the letter S, posted in an edited comment


when you read "s (edited)" backwards, it becomes "detides", and the tides govern the level of the seas.

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My guess:

the letter "e"?

As that could lead to:

a (groan-worthy) pun regarding disease/di seas ("the seas," if said somewhat casually)

And it works with most of the hints:


The seas, in making you seasick, are governing the level of disease


In Slack, only the person who posts a comment can then edit it (in this case, by putting a space between diseas and e)


This is the one I'm not sure about. Perhaps because e is the last letter of the word you'd have to edit in Slack?


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