I fly without wings,
I cry without eyes.
In me you can store things,
of almost unlimited size.

What am I?


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Are you...

A cloud


  • Clouds don't need wings to fly in the sky

  • Clouds rain without needing any eyes

  • Cloud servers/services allows storage of large files on the internet

I had originally given the following for the last point, but revised it based on athin's comments and OP's confirmation...

  • Large things like airplanes are easily hidden inside a cloud, mountains can be cloaked by clouds


The word is


Can fly without wings

Another way to tell someone to "zip up" is "your fly is open"

Can cry without eyes

The wannacry virus works operates with archives or "zip" files

Can store things of unlimited size

A zip file can store files of unlimited size (given the hardware space)

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Sort of similar to Phylyps, but it was the first thing that came to my mind.



  • Water flies when it evaporates in to the atmosphere

  • Water cries down to earth when it rains

  • Most of our planet it stored in water, plus anything you put in water just sort of pushes the water to surround it


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