One of the following images from A,B,C,D,E is incorrectly matched. Which one is it and which image from the 3 depicted below will replace it?

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The image appears to have been taken from this one:

The Mantoran Language from LEGO Bionicle
Sourced from here

In which case the solution would be

Replace 'E' with the first image, two horizontal lines.

I personally can't see any rhyme or reason to the sequence, so if you don't recognise it (or stumble upon it whilst trying to find an answer to another question - link kindly provided by @prog_SAHIL; a familiar name...) there's no obvious way to deduce the answer.

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I don't think this is the answer the OP is waiting for, but such puzzles typically allow various reasonnings and different interpretations.

I would replace the B-image by the second image below, so that each image has exactly one 'eye', i.e. one small round.

Admittedly, this proposal doesn't explain how the images are generated as a whole. For instance, I've no clue what image could accompany the letter F - or if it even makes sense to look for the F-image.


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