There was a Top Secret meeting of many world leaders in Geneva. The leaders must enter a secret code on a computer screen to get in the room where the meeting was.

First came Prime Minister T. May.

The computer screen displayed


The Prime Minister entered


The door opened and she went in

Then came President Putin

The display read


Putin entered


The door opened and he went in.

Then came Chancellor Angela Merkel

The computer displayed


The Chancellor entered


The door opened and she went in.

Then came President Trump

The computer displayed


Trump entered


The door did not open.

What should he have entered to get in?

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The challenge posed by the computer can be decoded from its individual letters as:

B - last 2 digits of birth year
C - First letter of country
K - Number of kids
S - Number of spouses

In the case of Donald Trump, for a challenge of KBS, the response would be:

K = 5 kids
B = 1946
S = 3 spouses

Giving a response of 5463

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