Three friends - a cricketer named White, a footballer named Black and a drummer named Redhead met in a cafeteria.

"It is remarkable that one of us has white hair, another one has black hair and the third one has red hair, though no one's name gives the color of their hair" said the black haired person. "You are right" answered White.

What color is the drummer's hair?

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White is not

black haired since he responded back to the black haired person.

So White's hair can only be

red since his hair is neither white nor black.

The rest is easy since we know what White hair color is

Black's hair color is

white since Black cannot have black hair.

and Redhead's hair color is

black which is the only color left.

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Black   != Black hair   ==  White hair || Red hair
White   != White hair   ==  Black hair || Red hair
Redhead != Redh hair    ==  White hair || Black hair

(W || R) && (B || R) && (W || B)

Possible combinations:

1. WRB
2. RBW

Since White != Black hair (does not have black hair)

=> WRB => Readhead has Black hair


White's hair is

not white,

since he agreed with the black-haired person. White's hair can also not be


because he is speaking with the black-haired person and each person has either black, white or red hair, according to the black-haired person's statement. So White's hair must be


The black-haired person's name cannot be


because his hair is black, which means his name must be


since he is talking to White. This means he is the drummer, which means the answer to the question "What color is the drummer's hair?" is:


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