For the TV series Sherlock, BBC published some fictional websites.

Sherlock’s site, http://thescienceofdeduction.co.uk/, contains three hidden messages:

Some anonymous guy has been sending me emails. It could be nothing but I'll post them up here. Could be an interesting case that you can help me with...

It says all three were "Solved", but it seems that the solution for the hidden message #3 is still missing. Here’s the message:

Sherlock Holmes!

Here's a picture you might enjoy:

Handwritten coded message

Also, where is it the pigs live?


What is the solution? How does it work?

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The hidden message is


Form the clue "where is it the pigs live?" I understood it is

Pigpen cipher

By deciphering, I got


Source: Pigpen cipher (You will get the idea about how to replace the code with corresponding alphabets from there)


The hidden message is:


I didn't use the clue "where is it the pigs live?", but instead I used:

If you click into the link above, you will see four different grids. And according to the grids, we can find that different symbols (just like in the message) mean different letters. So, if we follow the grids, we can find the hidden message.

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The answer is "Sherlock I have found you". The key to finding the answer is masonic cipher (also pigpen cipher).

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It's pretty easy to figure out I have worked out what it says: "Sherlock I have found you" it's an easy message code. You use a grid that shows the symbols in patterns.


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