Four men were working at a steel company. One day, they had a strange discussion about something.
- "God sends it", said Tom.
- "You wake up that way", asserted Dave.
- "It comes from above", replied Neil.

What did James say ?


They are four big men, all working for the company owner, Sir Theodore Herbert Rash

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James said

Now that we're that way


Creeping it

Sir Theodore Herbert Rash, owner of a steel company,

abbreviated T. H. Rash, refers to thrash metal.

Tom, Dave and Neil are

Tom Araya of Slayer, Dave Mustaine of Megadeth and Neil Turbin of Anthrax.

James is

James Hetfield of Metallica.

These four are

well known as the Big Four of Thrash (the bands, not the singers).

Their sentences refer to

Songs released by their bands: God Sends Death, You Wake Up Dead and Death Comes from Above respectively.

The common concept is

Dead or death. There are two Metallica songs that apply: Creeping Death and Now that We're Dead.

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