Inspired by @athin's One More Twin Puzzle: Four Days Difference?

After reading @athin's question, I was inspired to ask my own puzzle club about their birthdays. One of the members, Ethan, surprised me:

"My birthday was just two days ago. But you'll never believe this - one of my great-great-… well, I'm not sure how far back it is, but my one of my direct ancestors was one of a pair of twins, and their birthdays were 12 and 24 days ago."

Is it possible Ethan is telling the truth? How?

NB: the people whose birthdays were 12 and 24 days ago were twins of each other


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Yes, it is possible!

In 1752, 11 days were skipped from the calendar to realign the Gregorian and Julian calendars. If one was born just before this skip and another was born after, then they could be twins born 12 days apart.

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Your ancestors were born the 2nd (just before midnight) and 14th (just after midnight) of September in the year 1752.

Why ?

Because the Gregorian calendar at that time skipped 11 days !


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