Someone posted this over on Reddit then promptly removed it (I don't think it was someone trying to cheat on a test - seems an unusual question for such a thing), thought thus stack sub might find it amusing:

enter image description here

The text of the first three panels translates (roughly) to:

  • THIS IS:
  • H holes in the ice
  • P Polar bears
  • F fish
  • M missed the boat

where H, P, F, M are the corresponding numbers of each for each panel.

The last panel asks WHAT IS THIS?


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This is a variation of

the puzzle known as petals around the rose. This gives us some pretty big hints - though the latter two parts stumped me for a while anyways.

Holes are

the central pips of each top face of a die.

Polar bears are

pips that touch a hole. They are looking for fish.

Fish are

the pips under the ice. That is, pips on the bottom faces.

Missed the boat are

pips on the faces of a standard die that are the top face of no die on the table.

For the fourth set of dice, the results are:

3 holes; 10 polar bears; 13 fish; 11 missed the boat

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    $\begingroup$ Same logic I used - the last one had me flummoxed for a bit from wildly overthinking it... well done! $\endgroup$
    – rasher
    Commented Dec 23, 2017 at 3:29

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