After the last message from my girlfriend (from a previous puzzle) we dated for a few months before she broke up with me. She sent me one last message before she left but I need help decoding it:

10.4513, 7.864, 10.4513, 10.3600, 13.5984, 10.4513, 21.5645, 6.7642, 6.1077, 4.3407, 21.5645, 6.1077, 6.2173, 13.6181, 6.1941


The information I used to make this was learnt from my second quarter in AP Chemistry on Periodic Properties.

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IWISHINeVErKNe[Er]YOU, symbols for elements by ionization energy in eV, to make “I wish I never knew you”.

I guess the last 6.1077 is supposed to be 7.864?


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