The Galactic Republic is in crisis, the Droid Army has intercepted some messages between the republic forces. Help them to decrypt these !

Only basic cipher / encoding method are using here.

  1. General Grievous ! I think a Jedi is approaching...


Hint 1

Just a basic translation.

  1. The key can keep you away from death.


Hint 2

Alphabetical substitution, you just need to find the right key

  1. Just chronological


Hint 3

7 letters, for 7 films

Computing version:

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The first cipher

is simply ASCII represented in hex. "HELLO THERE".

The second cipher

says "THE CHANCELLOR IS A TRAITOR". It looks to me like a standard keyword + rest-of-alphabet substitution cipher, with key PLAGUEIS.

The third cipher

seems like it plainly has too little information, but pondering the hint leads to the following thought: the relationship between in-universe and out-of-universe chronology for the Star Wars films is given by the numbers 4,5,6,1,2,3,7, and if we move backwards by those numbers of letters in the alphabet from TFJBYDU we get PADAWAN which I take it is the intended answer.

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