I've found this viral image online, can you solve it? It is tricky, but simpler than you think.

People are losing their shit over this viral riddle! 45, 23, 10, ??; Can you solve that? Answer isn't 19 or 26

Source: Originally found it at CBP - Brain Centers Facebook Page.

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    $\begingroup$ I think that this kind of puzzles are between the most stupid and annoying you can find on the net (usually posted on Facebook with posts like "Only a genius can solve it!"). But, I don't know why, people continues to post and answer them... bah. $\endgroup$ – Hunter Nov 9 '17 at 9:59

My best guess is


but it requires a lot of assumptions.

The first line is


The second is


The third is


The trick is

None of the symbols in the 4th are present in the previous three lines, there are 3 bananas in the bunch instead of 4, the clock points to 2 rather than 3, and the geometric shape is missing the square.
The square has 4 points, leaving 11 points of the 15, the rest of the numbers can be assumed to be adjusted as they are pointed to as well, making the final equation 2+3+3*11=38

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Well, obviously, the answer is

$\approx 40.6556$

From the first equation...

The value of the shapes inside shapes is the total area of each shape, added together. Since a square, a pentagon, and a hexagon added together is 15 (45/3), and each polygon appears to have the same length edge (lets call it $L$), we can use the formulas for the area of regular polygons to find $L$:

$ A = \frac{L^2 n}{4 \tan(\frac{180}{n})} $

Adding the three shapes together, we get
$ 15 = \frac{4 L^2}{4 \tan(\frac{180}{4})} + \frac{5 L^2}{4 \tan(\frac{180}{5})} + \frac{6 L^2}{4 \tan(\frac{180}{6})}$

Solving for L, we get $L \approx 1.6794$ We'll need this value in the final line.

For the second equation, it's clear that...

Each banana is another exponent to the number. Each cluster of 4 bananas is worth 4 (23-15), so we need to find n such that:
$ n^{n^{n^n}} = 4$

Solving this, we find that $n \approx 1.6203$

Now for the third equation...

Each clock is worth 3. To get this from the time on the clock, you simply add the numbers the hands are pointing to and divide by 5.

Combining this all in the final equation:

A clock with its hands at 12 and 2 evaluates to 2.8 (from 14/5)
A cluster of 3 bananas is $1.6203^{1.6203^{1.6203}}$, which is about 2.8722.
The areas of just a hexagon and a pentagon, with side lengths 1.6794, combine to a total area of 12.1800

With these values, the final answer is:
$ 2.8 + 2.8722 + (2.8722 * 12.18) $
Which simplifies to $40.6556$

Thanks for the challenge, this was a fun puzzle ;)

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I think it's



every banana, every hour and every angle of a polygon represents one. Then it's just basic arithmetics.

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2+3+3*11 = 2+3+33 = 38


1 for each hour on the clock, each banana and each "side" of the shape.

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You have to pay attention to the graphic icons. Each icon tells you precisely its value. More of a visual trick leading you on with first three lines so that you think you understand the value of the icons, but in the last line they modify the icons to change the value they represent. You also need to see the tricky little "x". Beep...

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The answer is 38. Notice the number of bananas, polygon sides and the time. enter image description here

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An answer to this is


First line:

Each cluster of polyhedrons is 15
15 + 15 + 15 = 45

Second line:

Banana = 1
4 + 4 + 15 = 23

Third line:

Each clock is 90° ie 3
4 + 3 + 3 = 10

Last line:

Clock is in 60° ie 2
2 + 3 + 3 x 10 = 5 + 30 = 35

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My answer is:


reason 1:

enter image description here = 15 (3 shapes)


enter image description here = 4 (4 banana)


enter image description here = 3 (3 0'clock)


enter image description here = 2 (2 o'clock)


enter image description here = 3 (3 banana)


enter image description here = 10 (2 shapes)


enter image description here

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