So, I was just preparing some cryptic clues because I was bored. I wanted to separate a few of these from the others so that there would be a nice final answer. However, they have all got mixed up. Your task is to make two more clues from the answers (because meta-cryptics!) and then tell me the final answer. You already know what the question is.

Small and down is not fast(4)
Nudge a purse(4)
Bolts large headless fowl(5)
Anger has pet annoyed and cold-blooded(7)
Judges gets horrible share(5)
Creature seen in Afghani malls(6)

Finally, (8) and (4)


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Thanks to LeppyR64 for the answer to the fourth clue. Please upvote their answer as well!

Small (s) and down (low) is not fast (SLOW)
Nudge (POKE) a purse (poke) (double definition)
Bolts (LOCKS) large (l) headless fowl (cocks)
Anger (rile) has pet annoyed (ept) and cold-blooded (REPTILE) (per LeppyR64)
Judges (HEARS) gets horrible share (anagram of share)
Creature (ANIMAL) seen in Afghani malls

The two final clues are

Reptile slow poke = TORTOISE (double definition)
Animal hears locks = HARE ("hair" (locks) sounds like "hare")

which refers to

The story of The Tortoise and the Hare

And the answer to the question

which is stated in the title, is
Slow and steady wins the race


Here's GPR's missing clue.

Anger has pet annoyed and cold-blooded(7)

Anger (RILE) has pet annoyed (EPT) and cold-blooded(7)

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