There is a big cube of dimension 110 * 154 * 385 made up of smaller 1 * 1 * 1 dimension cubes. A body (main) diagonal is drawn. How many smaller 1 * 1 * 1 cubes will it cut?

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    $\begingroup$ A cube with dimensions 110 × 154 × 385?  Surely you mean a rectangular parallelepiped, a.k.a. a rectangular cuboid.  … … … …  P.S. What does the Hamilton Community Foundation (in Ontario, Canada) have to do with this puzzle?  (I assumed that you weren’t talking about the Hawaii Correctional Facility.) $\endgroup$ – Peregrine Rook Dec 31 '17 at 7:59

Above answer is brilliant! Another way to approach this kind of question is: first take HCF to shrink the big cube into the smallest one with same ratio on 3 dimensions. Usually the smallest cub is manageable; then take the shadow of body (main) diagonal on each of 3 faces. It will reduce to standard # of squares cut by diagonal on each rectangle; then mark the square which got crossed on 3 faces. It will help figure out # of cubs to be crossed. It takes more time this way if you dcan't remember the formula above

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Since there has not been any response as of now, here is my solution without a lot of explanation.

For this question, the answer must be: (HCF(x,y,z)) * (1 + (a-1) + (b-1) + (c-1) - (HCF(a,b) - 1) - (HCF(a,c) - 1) - (HCF(b,c) - 1))

where a = x/(HCF(x,y,z) and so on.


11 * (1+9+13+34-1-4-6) = 506

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