Before I expire I'm hoping to get a crossword puzzle published in the NYT. I've submitted more than a dozen now but they have all been declined. In some cases there were comments returned ("We don't do quotations" or "Didn't understand the theme") but many times just a "No thanks". I'm sure Will Shortz is inundated with submissions so I'm wondering if there are strategies for getting noticed / accepted.

  • I'm using this software which says it exports the appropriate document formatting
  • Before submitting I have several people solve / edit for content and clarity

At present I'm sitting on three Sundays and I'm not sure how best to submit them. Send them together? Space them out? Should I include any other information (besides my contact info)?


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It doesn't seem like this is the proper forum for this sort of question. On the other hand I do have some experience with trying to get things published so I will try to answer the question.

  1. Get your puzzles published in a lesser place (much lesser) than the NYT. Get established there. Get them to like your work.

  2. Get your puzzles published in a larger distribution...Omaha World Herald...maybe. Get established there. Get them to like your work.

  3. Publish and sell a number of copies of a puzzle book. Show that your work can 'Sell'. Work product that shows a history of competitive success will get some attention.

  4. Write Will Shortz a nice letter with an invitation to look at and consider your work. All of the contributors to the NYT are established puzzlers who have reputation outside of the NYT.

  5. In other words, in the world of publishing, with few exceptions, you must earn your way to the top. Take your time, be persistent, build credibility and a network of supporters.


In addition to the great information provided by Dr. T, you might want to consider these guidelines for constructing a professional crossword puzzle. Some of these tips might resonate with the feedback you've been given.

Additionally, if you haven't already joined the Cruciverb forums, they might be able to assist you with more specific feedback.

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