Find the possible next three positive numbers in the below sequence:

5, 8, 10, 9, 8, 3, 18, __, __, __

And based on the above, as a bonus, find those 4 smallest positive numbers that cannot be fit into the above sequence !


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It is a sequence where

The last letter of the word(for example "five" <- e) is the first letter of the next word(for example e -> "eight")

For example one possible way to extend the list is after 18

9, 11, 9, so nine, eleven, nine


The smallest 4 positive numbers which cannot fit it are 4 (four), 5 (five), 6(six), 7(seven). No number ends with the letter "s" or "f", so it won't fit anywhere. Proof that others smaller than them can(i will write the 3 number after 18) 1 : ninety-two, one 2 : nine, eight, two 3 : nine, eight, three


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