Need a drink?
Fill me up!
I'll tell you when it's ready!

What is the drink, and who makes it?


I think that it is:

Tea from a tea kettle. The kettle whistles when the water is ready and boiling.

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The drink could be

Water, from a water cooler that has both a cold tap and a hot tap.

In this case, the maker is...

A robotic voice-operated water cooler. It asks the user whether they want cold or hot water, rather than letting the user press the taps manually. Also, the machine makes a noise when it is finished dispensing water.


It is...

Coffee from a coffeemaker.


You fill it up with water and grounds, it boils the water, and you can tell it's done when it beeps at you (or, for the low-tech, when you hear it stop that guttural brewing noise)

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