I think I made it obvious, though I wanted to be poetic, a bit philosophical, yet simple. =)

To whom do those words belong?

By the mouths it is spoken
For I am horrid, a face shedding awe
None deals
With a buzz of a fly, to ears.
In the end all that matters
Who remains on top of the stairs!

And do they not know surprisingly with a serious face
How to blame another vilifyingly
for their gluttony
And do they not foul o'er their guilelessness
By their crooky inspirations
By a broken mindset
By such pulses macabre of inclinations

For how you behave and how you denounce!
Blind to see or not so brave!

As my dear Gwyllgi rushes panting
Burning the ground with his breath in flames dancing
Dancing but ruining all they jitter on
When the time arrives sooner than they'd think
That there is nothing left on
Would they realise the fact
They've burnt their existence on their own?

Oh you younglings takes a breath know not
What means calling my name,
Yet do they not know the concords,
Made in the past, o'er the value most precious
That mankind holds?

Such ignorance, shakes his head
Such arrogance fed by it.

And in the end, has it not come to the desolate words of nothing
The deafening silence
Of the darkness.
Then appear the cacophonical figures
No'ne listens no'ne cares!
Speaking loud, unwilling to hear the other
However fancying to be minded.
screams with joy Welcome to the pandemonium!
Look how they are altering into hollow.

No meaning given to the life
By the entire existence of YOUR kind points out to you
Orbiting the scraps green and grey
Ye twits have no idea what expects you in grave

Halt! Listen!... Hear the whispering
speaks with a smooth touching voice Sweet murmur, brazing softly to the ears
Like the stars sparkling sharp but delicately carresing
Ought to follow or not to follow?
Don't you even think?
Not even a single word?
You do as it tells just like this?

yells in anger in a sudden Yet I HOLD the guilt of all those fools!(?)
Pursuing blindly, indiscreetly, without a second thought!
May the shame it holds be revealed,
May the faults they've done be unsealed
For I have been the capra to blame
Even for the sins
Never admitted
Ever imagined
Neither depicted!

Would the fame still hold my name?
Would I be still hearing the flames,
As the thunders hurl
As the floats sweep
As it all collapses at the end?

May my anger never fade
calmly Withal I feel no fury, but pity.
May my will upon humankind never dissolve
Though, my taste holds no haste!

But one more thing
For I've come to this world
For I hold the crown here
We shall all see each other
in the place I hold dear grins and disappears in smoke


In many cases he is drawn as he has some spikes on his body.

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This sounds like it could be a poem about the thoughts of somebody who according to some sources has a head which is red in color, a body that is dark brown, large spikes protruding from his shoulders, elbows, knees, wrists fingers and toes. His nose is unusually large, long, pointed, and curved and his teeth, mouth and lips are locked in an eternal snarl. His common name is:


  • $\begingroup$ Yess that's correct ^^ $\endgroup$
    – Red fx
    Sep 22, 2017 at 7:02

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