Best strategy for multiple turn prisoners dilemma is called tit for tat you start with cooperation and then repeat your opponents answer from previous turn.

Is there a strategy when your opponents answer is unknown, or opponents answer is hidden for some turns?

Should one just go defect all the time like in single game scenario, or is there something more clever?

What is best strategy to multiple turn prisoners dilemma, when your opponents actions are hidden?


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Because your opponent's actions are hidden, you have no previous information to base your next action on. This means that you're always in a situation similar to the first round of the regular iterative prisoner's dilemma (or a prisoner's dilemma with only one round).

In the scenario that only one round is being played, it benefits player A to always defect, as this results in the best case scenario regardless of what player B picks.

The reason tit-for-tat works is that there is motivation to co-operate, as both players co-operating has a larger benefit that both players defecting. But in an iterative game with no feedback, defecting every turn is the dominant strategy.


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