The founder of a school, the sea lies before I.
This far can stand for the rest too, if it's fiction.
It was once without
"Oh!", in its place
three places after any bee.

Study of this single verse

MIND 23-15-18-4-19 — THEY MAY BE 12-5-20-20-5-18-19 IN DISGUISE.

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The answer is


The founder of a school


the sea lies before I.

C before I → SCI

This far can stand for the rest too, if its fiction.

as in SCI-fi (Science Fiction)

It was once without "Oh!"

ONCE without O → NCE

in its place, three places after any bee.

B + 3 places = E, in place of the O → ENCE

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(Incorrect) partial answer. The numbers in the hint clearly indicate:

Letters by alphabetical position. The message spells out "Mind words they may be letters in disguise." So we're looking for words that indicate letters. Other parts of the text may be clues about the letters' positions.

So far I've found:

* founder of a school --> A
* sea lies before I --> CI
* "This far can stand for the rest too" --> Letters so far may be abbreviation for the solution.
* Oh 3 places after any bee --> NEB__O

I haven't yet figured out how to put these together, or what the rest of the text means.

  • $\begingroup$ Your interpretation of founder of a school is not right. A founder is one who founds, that is begins (typically an institution/organisation). $\endgroup$ Commented Sep 1, 2017 at 18:19

The answer, as correctly given by kayzeroshort, is:


And "Study of this single verse"

is the definition of science (a very broad one at that). One thing's quite obvious: science is a discipline—a study. But of what? This single-verse$\rightarrow$this uni-verse.
$\therefore$ Science is the study of this universe.


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