& x & = €&
What is &?

Each Symbol is one Number.
Possible answers: 0, 3 , 7 , 6

Correct answer: $6$, because $6 \times 6 = 36$

What is the correct name of this kind of Puzzle?
Where can i get more of these?

In Germany we use them in Aptitude Tests.

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These are usually called alphametics, but these usually have letters instead of numbers. A common example is below:

\begin{align} &SEND\\ +&MORE\\\hline M&ONEY \end{align}

The equivalent for your question would be something like:

\begin{align} &A\\ \times&A\\\hline B&A \end{align}


I believe they are called alphametics. You can find more just by googling them, here's a great place to start.


Puzzling has its own tag for these:


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