According to graph theory, in order to color any map so that 2 touching regions don't have the same color, 4 distinct colors are enough.

Can somebody color the following map?

enter image description here

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Here is the answer:

enter image description here

This was pretty easy though.


7 is surrounded by 3 squares that all touch, so they are each one of the four colours.

Let us mark them as

7: Red, 6: Blue: 2: Green, 1: Black


1,2, and 6 all border 3, so 3 is Red. 1,3,6 all border 8, so 8 is Green. 4 is then Blue, and 5 is Red. 6,3,8 border 9, so 9 is Black.

Final Colours:

Red: 3,5,7; Blue: 4,6; Green: 2,8; Black: 1,9


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