Tommy chased a man to the river’s edge- when he woke up, the man was gone, but he had left a great deal of dirty clothing behind. Tommy dropped his favorite toy in the wash, and all the color bled out. The river was held in a fist, and Tommy titled his toy after one of the fingers (just one, mind you, but a good one). I am second only to that toy’s successor (not by any other name).

Who am I?

(Additional clues for those desiring:)

The first one was replaced by a new model,
The second one’s fatherly brother went down in glory,
The third will be me.

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Loose but possible interpretation. You are the...

Middle finger of the human hand.

Most of the paragraph is describing...

The word "pinky" (or "pink"). Red fabric is notorious for bleeding (a pun, since blood is red) color onto other clothing in the wash. The other clothes gain a pink color as a result. Also, a "river was held in a fist" could refer to the flow of blood in a person's hand. And a man being chased could be bleeding, if he's running from something dangerous. With the word "pink" in mind, Tommy named his toy after the closest-sounding finger, the pinky finger.

And the last line says...

To find the pinky's "successor", we move along the hand to the next finger, which is the ring finger. If you are second to the ring finger, then you are the next one over, which is the middle finger.

As for the clues...

1. First is a thumb. You may be referring to Tom Thumb, a famous early version of the modern locomotive train.
2. Second is the pointer or index finger. Unsure what "fatherly brother" means. However, a victorious team may hold up their index finger to indicate being "number one".
3. Next to the index finger is the middle finger, which matches my earlier interpretation.

As for the title...

The middle finger is usually the longest finger on the hand.


Not the complete answer, but something to start with

Pinky is the name of the Toy => probably the color that was washed off was Pink

Could not proceed further.


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