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Good morrow, fine puzzlers.

It is I, Winslow Q. Wordsquare IV.

You may know my brother, Wallace, due to his Wordsquare Clearance!

However, as a refined gentleman, I prefer my wordsquares to have rhyme and class.

I have thus prepared 3 wordsquares, in the form of theatre, for those with class and exquisite taste.

Act I:

To stay in one place, where you stand;
To write, but where you use both hands.
This wordsquare has not come to close;
Both ink and pigs, this last hint knows.

Act II:

The compass points where sun will rise;
A music note that reaches highs.
To shock and trap inside one zone;
The note that comes from mobile phones.

Act III:

To get things ready for a trip;
Your body parts within pain's grip.
To cut up carrots on a board;
The past tense verb of when you hoard.



 STOP (stay)
 TYPE (write with both hands)
 OPEN (not closed)
 PENS (ink pens and pig pens)
 EAST (sunrise)
 ALTO (high notes)
 STUN (shock)
 TONE (phone sound)
 PACK (prepare for trip)
 ACHE (body pain)
 CHOP (cut up)
 KEPT (past tense of keep)


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