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As noticed by @Ankoganit Image #1

spells "communed" after you take the mirror image of each component.

Image #2

There is 1 red circle in the middle, 2 next to it, 19 next to those...
This gives 1-2-19-20-18-1-3-20, which corresponds to "abstract".

Image #3 was also solved by @Ankoganit

and gives the word "rightist" by following the line on a qwerty keyboard with the shown letters I, O and Y giving the position on the keyboard.

In image #4

you follow the line showing with the roman numerals how many letters you go up or down in the alphabets, with the letter I (9) being at the shown position. This gives 19-8-15-21-20-9-14-7 or "shouting"

In case there is more to the puzzle, the following could be relevant

All of the solutions contain two groups of three consecutive letters

communed has cde and mno
abstract has abc and rst
rightist has ghi and rst
shouting has ghi and stu

If we remove these letters from the words (but each letter only once in each word) we are left with




Partial answer

Image #1:

As the symbol at the bottom signifies, we need to flip the individual components horizontally. Doing so yields:
enter image description here
...which reads COMMUNED.

Image #3:

Turning it upside down one could read the letters Y,I,O, and their positions match up with a QWERTY keyboard layout. Following the blue path, one can trace out the word RIGHTIST.


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