Follow my instructions to find me out.

Choose from sea men—one stripped, then one elite,
But they like to shift their places round.
The rest can be the rapper star, Paul
if only could his heart juggle.

What is me, you ask?
Here's all you might need to know
(but probably already know):

You say me as a first man
Fairly loved
Used as object, yet not an object
Men always have me,
And I have me for company when alone.

Mark my words — for all your actions,
ping if you see a pee, pee if you see a ping
Take the first and rejoice!
To understand, shift the focus from the start
that is, march right to left, left to right.
When exceptions you face, take the whole.

Setting the rule of
answering doubts I
the of
riddling days on, I’m spend
me as.

"Umm...hard to understand." you say?
Huh! The answer's hidden in pure plain sight.
Here's another, mean old man.

Say what do you think. What's the answer to this gibberish?


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To start off, the references in your narration seems to be related to:

the bible (?)

Following your instructions:

1st stanza analysis:

Jesus had 12 disciples chosen from sea men. The elite: Simon Peter. The stripped: Judas Iscariot. The rest is Paul.

2nd stanza analysis:

First man: Adam. Men always have me : Adam's apple. I have me for company: Maybe a reference to 'I'-phone product of apple company.

Last two stanzas

The last 2 stanzas should indicate I am in the right direction. Because, it is talking a lot about the letter 'P'. And I have a lot of them : Peter Paul Apple


Going back to the first stanza, there are strong hints at anagrams- They like to shift their places, only if his heart could Juggle.

At last,

'Here is another mean old man ' indicates the answer is a name of an (enough-aged) person.

Am I in the right direction?

NB: I can't comment as I don't have enough reputation.

  • $\begingroup$ Hey! Creative answer, but no---you're not in the right direction. I'm not even a Christian. $\endgroup$ Commented Sep 5, 2017 at 9:17

A direction to the answer - deduced from the line
Fly I’m not, the initialities might indicate but Randoming the last of them is.

Solution might be from re-arranging the last alphabet of all the Capitalized (Initialized) words which comes to be ETE(L)UYDNDIGIIYIGEGPTE


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