Here is a relatively easy mastermind puzzle that I came up with a while ago, the aim is to find the hidden code like as if you were playing normally (you should not have to guess, there is more than enough information already) Mastermind puzzle.

Here is a text version:

guess C M

SWBO  1 1
PRSY  1 1
GYRB  1 1
YPWO  1 1
OBGS  1 1
PRWG  1 1

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The answer is:

Pink, Blue, Red, Orange

Found it by:

Drew out a crude list of what colors were on what lines, then selected the four colors that only had two of the chosen on each line. Then, I took down the position of each peg on the respective line, and selected the only combination that worked.


I found an error in your puzzle.

You said, "You can take out any two (rows) and the puzzle is still solvable."

That's not correct. If you take out the two middle rows, you are left with this:

guess C M
----- ---
SWBO 1 1

PRSY 1 1

OBGS 1 1

PRWG 1 1

And with these four rows, there is not one but TWO solutions:

(1) Pink, Blue, Red, Orange

(2) Orange, Red, Blue, Pink

(I wrote a computer program that plays Mastermind, generates Mastermind puzzles, and solves Mastermind Puzzles. This Mastermind program I wrote found the alternate solution, not me.)

Ed Collins

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