I'm usually born in the heat, I also guarantee that my lineage is at least as old as yours.

I have so many cousins, some are brown, others are white. We're all so different. Heck, we even come in dozens of different shapes!

Some of my cousins are a bit squared, I really like them.

Although some of my other cousins are a bit like dicks. They're french.

Best part? I'm never out of fashion.

And despite my conception depending a lot on where you live, I guarantee that someone's going to butter me to get maximum favour points.

PS: I made a mistake, just forgot one Letter in one word!


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You are


Some breads are white, some are wheat, which is brown,
and some are pumpernickel, which is really dark.

Bread loaves come in different shapes, some are square, like sandwich
bread, some are round, some are long and skinny like a French baguette.

Many people put butter on bread to get maximum flavour.
The forgotten letter, 'l', goes in favour, to get the flavour mentioned


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