I got this link from a friend of mine, it's supposed to be really hard to understand.

Could you help me get the hidden text?

enter image description here



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The linked page contains a segment of javascript code. With some line spacing to make it somewhat more readable, it looks like this:

function r(){for(var r=0,e=0,a="",l=0;l<n.length;l++)if(n[l].toLowerCase()!=n[l]&&(r+=1),8==++e){if(!t)return;a+=String.fromCharCode(r),r=0,e=0}else r<<=1;return a}

var e=!1,t=!1,

a=setInterval(function(){e&&(t=!0,alert("Your flag is: "+r()),clearInterval(a));t=!1},1e3),


This code does not do anything in this form, so it needed some tweaking:

In the function inside the setInterval(...), the popup message won't appear because the variables e and t are false. You can change this by editing the line
var e=!1,t=!1,
var e=1,t=1,

The resulting popup message appears with this text:

Your flag is: flag{ALl_y0uR_6a$E_@r3_beLong_t0_US}

  • $\begingroup$ @shays Was this popup message the expect result, or is there more to the puzzle? $\endgroup$
    – MikeQ
    Jun 20, 2017 at 22:07

When you inspect the source page, there is a little script:

function r(){for(var r=0,e=0,a="",l=0;l<n.length;>l++)if(n[l].toLowerCase()!=n[l]&&(r+=1),8==++e){if(!t)return;a+=String.fromCharCode(r),r=0,e=0}else r<<=1;return a}var e=!1,t=!1,a=setInterval(function(){e&&(t=!0,alert("Your flag is: "+r()),clearInterval(a));t=!1},1e3),n="hHBudYDbtLYvFIkftFJmpkrXtKImhMNCiULIJqZOnEbhifbSiEusXMetaRGsTJrlrAaTQWZRnNLZQjmKmcSPlnywnJHVuLsSyIqInmCetDyRYXPSpiXHxUXwzVTpqhqZazKsnYiygXyioSfXjIzAUTYZpSyllknszSQMlzQnrgVIycFObAjKSZZFgDNyecIliWNqcDzAbFujFZrmdFMoTGKHsMNfAQSoqOBocHCCtEcRHZHOtOAPgJqiwbSIlfyivGaWSZBIbLaMlKdIoYgJhgTYyXVNEQfB";

It seems to be like a simple Javascript CTF game.


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