A spy acquired a microfilm containing the list of clues that he can decode to complete the hinted message in the password for opening the electronic vault of old records. What is the password?


enter image description here


_ _ _ N O _ _ _ _ A R T _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I S _ _ _ _ _ _ K E Y


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The answer is


The clues in the microfilm are

not written in Semaphore or a variant, but a neat shaped-alike visual cipher. They decode to names of Beatles songs: 1. Dr Robert, 2. Taxman, 3. Polythene Pam, and so on. Old records indeed!


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    $\begingroup$ Right..and it's good to have you in Puzzling $\endgroup$
    – TSLF
    Apr 23, 2017 at 4:21

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