Start with a word.
For each line below, add one letter to the last word, then anagram, to get a word that means:

  • pitch
  • fleet
  • slowly
  • anent
  • public
  • adverse

What word did I start as and what words did I become?

Part of a entry: I, for one, welcome our new ...

  • "anent", the archaic Scottish preposition, or is that a typo? – Rand al'Thor Apr 14 '17 at 16:18
  • @randal'thor It is not a typo. – Rubio Apr 14 '17 at 16:24
  • What do you mean by "last word" ? – David Huang Apr 14 '17 at 18:33
  • @DavidHuang The word from the prior line (or the initial word, for the first line). I probably should have said "previous" - sorry for the ambiguity. – Rubio Apr 14 '17 at 18:40
  • Ah, okay. Thanks – David Huang Apr 14 '17 at 19:14
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The word you started with was


The sequence is as follows:


This matches up with the title because

AT also stands for "Additions & Twists" (thanks @BeastlyGerbil)

  • There's two good ways to know which of the two words you offered as first word is correct. – Rubio Apr 14 '17 at 18:41
  • How does your second word mean "fleet"? – Rand al'Thor Apr 14 '17 at 18:43
  • The first word was AT from Additions and Twists – Beastly Gerbil Apr 14 '17 at 18:46
  • @randal'thor In the same sense as an expression fleeting across someone's face. It's not the most common usage, but I think it's valid. – Carmeister Apr 14 '17 at 18:50
  • @BeastlyGerbil That's one of the two ways. There's another also, not that it's important. – Rubio Apr 14 '17 at 18:52

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